Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care | Please treat and wear your jewelry with care. Store jewelry separately in an airtight bag or container and remove before going to sleep. Avoid contact with water, lotions, perfumes, hairspray or any liquid. Protect jewelry from sharp blows, extreme temperatures, sunlight and rough or hard surfaces. To keep your piece looking its best, gently clean with a damp soft cotton cloth after every wear. Please do not use jewelry cleaner or polishing cloths/ pads

Gold Plated or Filled | Our pieces are plated with a thicker plating than the standard gold plating and finished off with a coating for anti-tarnish and extended wear. Our pieces are not plated using nickel. Care should be taken when wearing or cleaning your plated jewelry as plating can wear off slightly overtime especially with heavy use

Replating Service | If you find that your plating is wearing off quicker than you would like, we will be happy to replate your worn YF jewelry at a flat rate of $20 USD plus the shipping cost to us. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for the replating service. This service is only available within the US. Contact us at to get started