Olgga Iowa

As Told By

YF Muse Olgga Iowa talks her love for sleeping in, her photography, and what brings her inspiration.

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Salmon with grilled vegetables and avocado

What if your favorite place that you have travelled to?

I visited Thailand and I was impressed, now I want to visit Bali

Tell us a secret about yourself.

I love to sleep in, it is my guilty pleasure

Your photography is so beautiful! What made you pick up the camera?

When I look through the lens, I feel like I'm moving to another planet and I see the world differently. The photos shows feelings and emotions, this always makes me be inspired by the beauty around me

What is your dream piece of jewelry?

An engagement ring with a big diamond

Who inspires you?

Positive people with whom I have the same ideas and thoughts 

What is the one song that always brings you joy?

I have so many! Right now, probably 'Trade it for the Night' by HAEVN

Silver or Gold & why?

Silver, because I associate it with something cold. Especially because I am a water temperament. But I also love gold jewelry very much

What is your biggest strength?

Self- confidence