Jillian Sun

As Told By

YF Muse Jillian Sun talks her passion for thoughtful design, hidden talents, and her favorite meal ever.

What makes you laugh?

Light-hearted conversations with friends, joking around with my partner, or the random videos I stumble on TikTok.

What is a hidden talent of yours? 

I played the piano growing up for more than 12 years. I love playing and I’m really wanting to pick it up again when I get my hands on a new piano (I sadly had to sell my old one when I moved out of my house a few years ago).

Describe your perfect day from waking up to going to sleep.

Getting to sleep in (just a little) and waking up to a sunny day, having a nice warm cup of coffee and then getting ready and putting on an outfit that makes me feel confident and cute.
Any activities during the day that involve good food with good company hits the spot. I love trying out the latest trendy cafe or restaurant with my closest girlfriends or getting lost in nature with my partner and his dog, Cosmo.
The perfect evening is spent at home, lounging around and watching Netflix or hosting a nice intimate candle-lit home-made dinner with close friends. And then capping off the night with a nice hot shower, crawling into bed fresh and clean and then having quiet time to myself before drifting off to sleep.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

I love a good bold gold hoop on the ears - it just adds a bit of zhush to any look.

Would you rather vacation in the mountains or near the ocean?

Definitely a summer gal, so by the ocean for sure.

What is your favorite meal that you've ever had?

This is a tough one! There’s so many incredible spots in Sydney and so many amazing meals I’ve had abroad. Nothing hits more than a classic laksa from the local streets of Malaysia though (where my family is from). I grew up eating laksa all the time and whenever I eat it, it just feels so nostalgic. And super yummy too!

Tell us about Stonepress Studio. What led to its inception?

My sister and I have always been lovers of beautiful paper and design goods from a very young age, so it’s always been a dream of ours to start creating some that were our own.
Stonepress Studio is the birth child of that long-standing passion of ours. Through intentional and thoughtful design, we wanted to create a line of paper goods and lifestyle items that can be seen and used in our every day lives with purpose, form, and function.
We’ve started by launching some unique seasonal greeting cards and red pockets for Chinese New Year. However, as we grow, we hope to expand into more lifestyle products such as tote bags, planners, caps/hats, tumblers etc.

What song always brings you joy?

Mother by UMI

What scent makes you feel most like yourself?

101 Floral by Bon Pafumeur